Freitag, 18. März 2011

Blog for Music Lovers: Music for Maniacs!!

This is a German blog but notwithstanding from that fact it´s time for an English posting: It´s time to talk about Music for Maniacs!! from LA.

I really love Mr Fab´s blog about music that is pleasantly faraway from mainstream. And to be honest I really am a maniac – a 2A3 Maniac as some of you might know – so it seems that he has made his blog especially for me… Due to the blog header he deals with outsider, experimental, strange and unique music and yes, indeed I really love Jim Shaw´s Pink Poodle with Hydrant and Text as background picture, too:


Jim Shaw is an absolutely great artist, isn´t he?!

Well, I love Mr Fab´s sense of homour. I just like to give you an example by showing you the Sarah Palin Battle Hymn Video – you all know that stupid woman from Alaska telling bullshit all day long, I assume (it´s not the young girl in the video…). I don´t wanna become political in a hifi blog but hey – she really sucks…

If you are open minded enough for alternative music – just visit Music for Maniacs!! Furthermore there are even very interesting record covers from the hifi maniac´s point of view:

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  1. Hi there,

    time to write my comment in English I guess! Looks like an interesting site I'll have to give it a try tomorrow. The finest art work I've seen done for an LP within the last few months is the one for "Our Shadows Will Remain" from Joseph Arthur. The music is IMHO even better and they sell it for a mere € 9.99 at jpc.
    If you don't know him and his music I strongly suggest to give this double album a try it's great!