Dienstag, 26. Februar 2013

Telefunken EBIII available

As a response to my latest blog post related to Telefunken EBIII tubes in a Sun Audio Uchida amp I got an unexpected offer of Telefunken EBIII from a friend of mine. Anyway, I don´t have an application for them and I was asked to offer them on my blog then - ebay and/or other platforms are no option for him as I can understand only too well...
So if somebody is interested in a pair Telefunken EBIII just send me an email (email address see Impressum) with your contact data and I will forward your request accordingly - all further negotiations to be effected between you and my friend then. Serious interests only, please (requests in German or English).
The following picture is for illustration purpose only:
Telefunken EBIII, pic source: 4tubes.com

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