Sonntag, 31. Mai 2020

2A3 Maniac strikes back!

Für alle Interessierten: Nach längerer Pause werde ich nun wieder etwas aktiver in Sachen Postings werden. Habe ich mir jedenfalls fest vorgenommen. Allerdings ist es an der Zeit, alte Zöpfe abzuschneiden - daher wird es an anderer Stelle in neuem Format weitergehen:

Almost ten years ago I started my Blog 2A3 Maniac. After a more or less long-term absence from the scene it´s now time to strike back! Well, first of all I´d like to keep you updated regarding my former Blogs 2A3 Maniac and Für eine Handvoll Watt. The stuff I dealt with became more and more boring to myself and I got the feeling that I needed to get rid of outdated customs and practices. In the end this was the reason to leave them behind but also - for tracability reasons - to leave them online as they are. (For the period of two months or so I even set both blogs offline last summer to protect myself from many German lawyers who spammed the social media scene with written warnings. These strange freaks suspected their chance to earn money by facing web page owners with the accusation of not having characterized posts as advertisement - even if these were private on Instagram for instance... Bastards!)

Anyway, here we go again. You might have noted that I do not post any longer in my native German language. This is just to reach as many readers as possible by means of tearing down the language barrier. Even accepting errors and mistakes in my posts regarding grammar, phrases, syntax etc...

I f you can deal with that: stay tuned!

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